Debt collection

Do you require support in a debt collection or arbitration case?

Poor payment practices on the part of customers represent a particularly serious problem for smaller firms that compete directly with large companies. Longstanding experience with debt collection procedures has shown that out-of-court approaches often provide creditors with faster and less costly results. Civil court proceedings are frequently time-consuming and costly.

“On-site” debt collection also provides an advantage by quickly eliminating misunderstandings based on divergent business concepts or commercial customs. This can help prevent sustained disruptions of longstanding business relationships.

The AHKs take on arbitration services within the framework of bilateral facilitation efforts in the following cases:

  • Payment delays and difficulties
  • Defective merchandise shipments
  • Difficulties arising from cooperative agreements
  • Similar cases in which support without a lawyer and through a neutral agency can lead to success in avoiding or ending a conflict

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