Address and contact enquiry

Do you want to conduct an address and contact enquiry abroad?

When undertaking the first step entering a market, it is often advisable to conduct an individual enquiry regarding contacts in the foreign market. Based on your requirements, the AHKs will research customised company addresses in the respective country. Both the broad network of AHKs within the specific national economy and their access to current databases and a wide range of coordinated information sources guarantee a reliable selection.

Your advantages from an address and contact enquiry:

  • Tailored company addresses in the respective country
  • Utilisation of current local databases
  • Reliable selection through long-standing market experience
  • Professional initial contact in the local language

Which markets are particularly interesting for you?

Select the respective country and make direct personal contact.

What our clients are saying:

„Not only did they quickly select the correct contact partner in the giant PetroEcuador conglomerate, but they also arranged a personal contact. These contacts were precisely the right ones for us both from a technical and an organisational point of view; without this perfect support by the AHK Ecuador, it would likely have cost us months before we had managed to ask our way to the right people. For me personally, this was my first intensive experience with the activities of the AHK, and it was so positive that I’m already looking forward to the next time!“

Arnim Hertle Director of Process Engineering, HILLER GmbH Leiter Verfahrenstechnik, HILLER GmbH