Key topics and potential markets

Some sectors offer particularly good framework conditions and thus also interesting business opportunities for German companies. AHKs devote special attention to these economic topics.

Digitization & Industry 4.0.

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Together with partners and companies, AHKs take advantage of the transnational opportunities and challenges of digitisation and offer numerous initiatives, projects and delegation trips.



AHKs promote the bilateral exchange of start-ups and young entrepreneurs. An important platform here is, among others, the Startup-Germany-Tour.

Oil and Gas

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The "Oil & Gas Cluster" is an association of the following AHK offices: Algeria, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Nigeria, Norway, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, USA, United Arab Emirates.




UN Procurement

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In these countries you will receive initial advice on UN procurement: Denmark, New York, Italy

Please also visit the own website UN-Procurement




Construction & Infrastructure

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In some countries, major infrastructure and construction projects are contributing to a significant part of these industries. AHK employees support your commitment and inform you about attractive projects and tenders as well as the necessary requirements and specifications.

Dual education

Some locations are involved in securing skilled workers for German companies abroad with specially developed programs as part of the dual training system.

Environment & Energy

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In the field of renewable energies and energy efficiency, AHKs organise numerous projects as part of the market development programme of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, which offer opportunities for market exploration and exchange.

Job exchange


Use the good contacts of the AHKs for your job search - some AHK offices offer corresponding online platforms.