Environmental Technologies

Environmental technologies are your topic? Are you active in the fields of recycling and waste management, (waste) water management or sustainable mobility?

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For companies and research institutions, the Environmental Technologies Export Initiative offers information and opportunities in international markets.

Environmental, climate and resource protection are among the great global challenges of our time. Developing and emerging countries in particular are struggling with air, water and soil pollution, water shortages and growing quantities of waste. Green technologies, processes and products - areas in which German companies are excellently positioned and can draw on a broad base of knowledge and experience - contribute to mastering these challenges.

As part of the BMU's Environmental Technologies Export Initiative launched in 2016, the DIHK is working with the Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHKs) in the "Chambers for GreenTech" project in numerous countries to improve local environmental conditions. At the same time, the establishment of networks makes it easier for German environmental firms to enter the market.

The initiative offers numerous connecting factors for companies, practice-oriented research institutions and experts who are interested in international markets and global learning. It supplements existing information and business travel offers.

What is the aim of the project?

The Export Initiative has set itself the goal of disseminating German environmental technologies and experience and supporting sustainable economic development worldwide.

Together with stakeholders in the partner countries, environmental problems, approaches to solutions and support requirements are to be defined in such a concrete way that German companies and research institutions can be placed in a targeted manner. The aim is to improve living conditions through knowledge transfer in the fields of environmental and climate protection and resource efficiency. At the same time, the German GreenTech sector is to be given the opportunity to present itself on the international stage.

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German products and services stand out in international comparison due to their high quality and standards. The international establishment in areas of public services of general interest is particularly complex for medium-sized companies. Legal, financial and political conditions must be taken into account. Since 2016, the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) has therefore been supporting companies, associations and institutes:

  • the preparation of market and feasibility studies
  • the implementation of capacity building measures
  • Pilot and model projects abroad
  • the development of international networks of experts

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Who participates in the project?

The Chambers of Commerce Abroad identify country and topic-specific project ideas. In close cooperation with the DIHK e.V., the AHK network and the 79 chambers of industry and commerce in Germany, actors are networked and project concepts are further developed and implemented. Results and opportunities are fed back to German entrepreneurs and made available to the German GreenTech sector. On behalf of the BMU, the project team of DIHK Service GmbH supervises and manages the AHK projects under the title "Chambers for GreenTech" in terms of concept, content and administration and is building up a strong network of partners from business, research and associations.

What is the role of the AHKs?

Thanks to their networks and local expertise, the German Chambers of Commerce Abroad are the first point of contact for market developments and potential abroad. This is particularly true for growing markets such as environmental technologies.

By means of project funding from the BMU, the AHKs prepare information on urgent environmental problems in the areas of recycling and water management as well as sustainable mobility. They establish networks with central actors from politics, administration and business and bring them together with suitable German experts in workshops. In this way, lighthouse projects and stable cooperation are to be created which, at best, will meaningfully supplement and strengthen the Federal Government's funding activities, especially the BMWi's export promotion activities. So far, AHKs have been supporting projects in 23 countries, which improve environmental framework conditions and increase export opportunities for GreenTech "Made in Germany".

Project countries of the support programme 2016 - 2019