Market entry

AHKs help you get started in a new market

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We offer companies tailored services from a single source - from market analysis to the placement of suitable partners and the founding of a company. Together, we lead business ideas to success.

Our multilingual staff help you find your way in a foreign environment, because they know the opportunities and risks in the respective countries and are familiar with the local conditions.

Thus our AHK network forms a bridge between markets and cultures. In 2018, with our services we achieved a revenue of EUR 126 million worldwide.

Our offer at a glance:

Address and contact enquiry

When undertaking the first step entering a market, it is often advisable to conduct an individual enquiry regarding contacts in the foreign market.

Based on your requirements, the AHKs will research customised company addresses in the respective country. Both the broad network of AHKs within the specific national economy and their access to current databases and a wide range of coordinated information sources guarantee a reliable selection.


Your advantages with an address and contact search:

  • Appropriate company addresses in the respective foreign country
  • Use of current, local databases
  • Reliable selection through many years of market experience
  • Professional first contact in local language

Market study | Pre-market check

The pre-market check serves to assemble market information from your target country. Upon this basis you can decide whether and what further steps to undertake for your successful entry. An in-depth market study can provide you with a comprehensive overview of all the current parameters of your target country, the market potential of your product or service, an industry abroad or your competitors. This allows you to check out your market opportunities before undertaking your entry.

Your advantages from a pre-market check or market study:

  • Individualised market analysis for your product and/or service in the target market •
  • Information on customers, suppliers and distribution channels
  • Overview and analysis of the competitive structure
  • Answering detailed questions
  • Network and access to local information sources
  • Neutrality through the use of a neutral, service provider already established in the market

Finding business partners

The AHKs are happy to assist you in finding competent business partners abroad. Through comprehensive, target group-oriented research, they can arrange contact with potential trade representatives, trading partners, customers and manufacturers. A member of our staff will become your regular contact and will activate the network for you in each country.

In addition, the AHKs will arrange the initial interaction with your selected contact partners in their respective language.

Your advantages from our business partner assistance:

  • Researching suitable contacts (such as business or procurement managers)
  • Neutrality through a neutral service provider established in the market
  • Cost savings by handling contacts with potential business partners
  • Time savings by organising appointments
  • Presenting your product or service in the respective language
  • Assistance through introducing you to local business practices
  • Preparing you for the target market through close contact with you in the preparatory phase
  • Which markets are particularly interesting for you?

Business presence

For many small and middle-sized German companies, market entry and market development abroad can be difficult. Aside from insufficient market experience and distance, it is primarily the lack of human and financial resources in one’s own company that makes it difficult or impossible to open up foreign markets. This is where the business presence of the AHKs comes in. As a permanent representation, they serve as an important contact point for clients and business partners in each foreign country. The company address in the respective country is a particularly convincing argument when it comes to potential business partners.

As an extended arm of the local export department and as a link between the German company and its foreign customer and partner, the business presence concept makes it possible to gain a foothold on a foreign market with a manageable time and financial budget. And this can be done without having to set up a separate office with one’s own staff.

Your advantages from a business presence through the AHKs:

  • Considerable cost savings through jointly utilised facilities and staff
  • Simplified and immediate contact support between companies and customers abroad
  • Customer proximity through permanent, reliable local presence free of language barriers
  • Utilisation of the AHKs’ information and contact network (existing databases)
  • Continuous exchange of experience

Location consulting

Whether you are building new commercial relationships or are expanding already existing contacts: The AHKs are ideally acquainted with local conditions and will help you to find your way around your unfamiliar surroundings quickly. With their expertise, the AHKs can thus support you in your search for the most economically suitable and strategically most favourable distribution or production site.

Your advantages from location consulting:

  • Expertise through long-standing experience in the market and in location consulting
  • Knowledge of location factors and database access
  • Cooperation with local organisations promoting investment and the economy

Delegation trips

AHKs organise delegation trips to respective foreign countries (inbound) and to Germany (outbound). Delegation trips offer German companies the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the target market and to make initial business contacts. Locally, the AHKs conduct briefings, informational events and network events. Political appointments are organised in close cooperation with the embassies and consulates. During plant visits you will learn about production conditions and work processes up close.

Your advantages from an AHK delegation trip:

  • Organisational, linguistic and cultural support
  • Arrangement of individual appointments and political discussions
  • Organisation of company visits and visits to production sites
  • Networking with players and multipliers
Acquiring new partners within eight weeks is not an easy task. That is why I am all the more delighted by the great dedication shown by the AHK New Zealand. Communication with their staff has been and remains absolutely reliable and professional. It is simply fun working with them. I would like to thank them for their outstanding cooperation. Again and again.
Rafael Grabenschröer Managing Director, scoreworx software
Our cooperation with the AHK USA-South brought us a decisive step forward toward opening up a market in the south-eastern USA. In summary we can say that with the AHK USA-South you’re getting a reliable partner with competent advice at your side. An absolute recommendation for anyone who is thinking of stepping into the USA.
Bernhard Sievering Managing Director and Proprietor of BvL Oberflächentechnik GmbH